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  • Ibicoara and the South
    The less frequented South is not only the most remote, but also one of the most spectacular parts of the National Park. There you can find some of the most beautiful spots and treks like the Fumacinha and Buracao Canyons - a paradise for adventurers and photographers.

  • Mucugê and the East
    Another concentration of landscape gems like i.e the Blue Grotto (Poco Azul), Cachoeira dos Cristais, Igatu or Marimbus you can find around the scenic villages of Mucugê and Igatu.

  • Lençois and the North
    Lençois is not only the biggest village in the Chapada Diamantina, but also the entrance gate to the National Park. Most travellers use Lençois as their "base camp" while exploring the Park.